Motorized Actuators

Motorized Linear Slides

EZS Series
The Motorized Linear Slides are positioning Linear Slides that adopt AZ Series motors, composed of frames; guide rails; guide blocks; and ball screws. These motorized linear slides are capable of accurate and precise straight-line motion due to the rotation of ball screws and guides.
EAS Series
Integrated rack and pinion mechanism and stepping motor. The battery-free ABZO sensor AZ series is installed, and high-precision multipoint positioning can be realized easily.

Motorized Cylinders

EAC Series
New Standards for Motorized Cylinders equipped with multi movement ability, performance regardless of operating conditions, compact while powerful and applicable to a wide variety of applications.
Equipped without batteries, absolute encoder αstep closed loop AZ series motor to contribute the improvement of productivity and cutting cost.

Compact Linear Actuators

DRS2 Series
The DRS2 Series is compact equipped with the hybrid control system αSTEP Series.
The linear motion mechanism delivers motion unique to the AZ Series equipped with hybrid control system αSTEP battery-less absolute sensor.

Electric Gripper

EH Series equipped with AZ Series
The EH Series Electric Gripper is a rack-and-pinion mechanism equipped with the AZ Series hybrid control system αSTEP battery-less absolute sensor. The delicate grip is similar to the grip of a human finger which aids in automation and labour-saving.

Rotary Actuators

DGII Series
The DGII Series integrated hollow rotary tables and stepper motor product lineup now includes models with built-in αSTEP AZ Series products.