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DGII Series with Built-in AZ Series

The DG Series integrated hollow rotary tables and stepper motor product lineup now includes models with built-in AZ Series products. The battery-free absolute system positioning contributes to improved productivity and cost reduction.

Integrated Product

DGII Series is integrated product that combines a hollow rotary table and a stepping motor. Actuator inside serves as a reduction gear structure ( reduction ratio 18 ) , it can be a high output drive.

Simplified Design

Tables and arms can be installed directly onto the output table. This saves the hassle and cost of designing an installation mechanism, arranging necessary mechanism parts, adjusting the belt tension, etc., when mechanical components such as a belt and pulley are used for installation.

High Load and High Rigidity

The standard type uses a cross-roller bearing on the output tablebearing,
which allows for both high load and high rigidity.
● Maximum Permissible Axial Load 4000 N
● Maximum Permissible Moment 100 N·m
<Example Operation>
Product Name : DG200R-AZAC-1
Power-Supply Input : 230 VAC
Load Mass 91 kg (6 load pieces + table) : Load 10 kg/piece × 6 pieces : Table 31 kg (Diameter 500 mm, thickness 20 mm, iron)
Overhang Distance : 160 mm
Installation Direction : Horizontal
● High Rigidity
[Load Moment]
When a 10 kg load is placed 160 mm from the center of the table, the moment is 15.7 N·m. 10 kg × gm/s2 × 0.16 m 15.7 N·m
The permissible moment of the DG200R is 100 N·m, so this is within the permissible value. ● High Rigidity
[Axial Load]
The axial load is: table + load (31 kg + 10 kg) × gm/s2 402 N
The permissible axial load of the DG200R is 4000 N, so this is within the permissible value.

● Relationship Between Load Moment and Displacement when Distance L=200 mm from Center of Table The larger the frame size, the received permissible moment increases, but the displacement caused by the load moment decreases.


No battery is required because it is a mechanical-type sensor. Because positioning information is managed mechanically by the ABZO sensor, the positioning information can be preserved, even if the power turns off, or if the cable between the motor and the driver is disconnected.

Continues Operation Even with Sudden Load Fluctuation and Sudden Acceleration

In normal conditions, it operates synchronously with pulse commands under open loop control, and because of its compact size and high torque generation, it has excellent acceleration performance and responsiveness. In an overload condition, it switches immediately to closed loop control to correct the position.

No Tuning Required

Because it is normally operated with open loop control, even when the load fluctuates, no tuning is needed to obtain movement exactly as set.

Maintains Stop Position Without Hunting

Thanks to the normally open loop control, there is no hunting, the minute shaft movements that occur during stopping. Because the stop location is securely maintained, it is best suited for applications that undergo vibration during stops.

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