AC Servo Motors
Servo Motor Equipped with Battery-less Absolute Sensor

AZX Series

The AZX Series is an AC Servo motor equipped with a battery-free absolute mechanical sensor. It is specialized for positioning and continuous operation. It is also suitable for positioning applications with a large amount of movements with high travel, high torque in the high speed range.

AC servo motor equipped with battery-free absolute encoder

The AZX Series is equipped with the same battery-free mechanical absolute sensor (ABZO sensor) as the AZ Series.
These are dedicated servo motors for positioning and continuous operation.

Absolute Sensor AZX Series

  • Absolute encoders maintain position information when powered off
  • The multi-turn absolute encoder can detect the absolute position of the motor shaft
    ±900 revolutions (1800 revolutions) from the standard origin

No external sensor required

Thanks to the absolute system, a home sensor or external sensor is not required

  • High-speed return to Home Positioning with improved accuracy of return to origin.
  • Lower Cost
  • Simple Wiring
  • Not affected by external sensor malfunctions


Mechanical Sensors do not require batteries
Positioning information is mechanically managed by the ABZO Sensor.

  • No battery replacement is required
  • Unlimited driver installation possibilities
  • Safe for overseas shipment

Network Compatible Driver

The driver supports EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP
One communication cable can be used to connect the upper control machine and driver, saving wiring space.

Simplify the main program through programming functions

The positioning operation of the AZX series is equipped with rich programming functions such as continuous operation, operation time setting, condition differences and loop times.
These can be set using the support software MEXE02, which helps simplify the host system’s sequence program

EtherNet compatibility

  • Positioning operation data setting value (maximum 256 points)
  • Number of general input and output points (6 input points, 6 output points)
  • Number of input and output points for communication (16 input points, 16 output points)

Demonstrates high torque at high speeds

The AZX Series exhibits high torques at high speeds.
Suitable for positioning applications that require a large amount of movement (e.g. ball screw drive)

AZX and AZ torque comparision

*Comparison of rotational speed and torque characteristics between the AZX Series and the AZ Series.
The AZX Series has a torque advantage in the high-speed range, while the AZ Series has a torque advantage in the low-speed range.

Same operation method as the AZ Series

The basic operation method of the AZX series is the same as the AZ Series.
When using the AZX series and AZ series together in the same device, there is no need to change the operability.

AZX Front Image
Wiring Signal Wiring
Setting Switch and parameter functions and setting methods (using MEXE02)
Control Command ID number when controlling via network
Operation Function Positioning operation function built into the driver, etc

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