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World K Series

● Optimal for Uni-Directional and Continuous Operation
These products are ideal for uni-directional continuous applications such as driving a conveyor.
● Easy Operation
All you need is to connect a capacitor and plug the motor into
an AC power supply, and the motor can be easily operated. (No capacitor is needed for a three-phase motor.)
● Available to Combine with Various Gearheads
Combination with a gearhead allows the motor to slow down to a required speed or generate higher torque.
Product Line
Upper Level: Frame Size [mm]/
Lower Level: Output Power [W]
SeriesPower Supply Voltage
Type 4260708090
Induction Motors
World K Series
Single-Phase 110/115 Lead Wire
Single-Phase 110/115 Terminal Box
Single-Phase 220/230 Lead Wire
Single-Phase 220/230 Terminal Box
Three-Phase 200/220/230 Lead Wire
Three-Phase 200/220/230 Terminal Box
Three-Phase 380/400/415 Lead Wire
Three-Phase 380/400/415 Terminal Box
SeriesPower Supply Voltage
Output Power [W]
Induction Motors
2-Pole, High-Speed Type
Single-Phase 110/115
Single-Phase 220/230
Three-Phase 200/220/230