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BH Series

● Optimal for Uni-Directional and Continuous Operation
These products are ideal for uni-directional continuous applications such as driving a conveyor.
● Easy Operation
All you need is to connect a capacitor and plug the motor into an AC power supply, and the motor can be easily operated. (No capacitor is needed for a three-phase motor.)
● Available to Combine with Various Gearheads
Combination with a gearhead allows the motor to slow down to a required speed or generate higher torque.

Smallest Frame Size among 200 W Output Power

Achieves a high-output power of 200 W with a frame size of 104 mm.

Right-Angle Shaft Type Employing Hypoid Gear is Available

Combination Type for Easy Mounting

The combination type is available with the motor and its gearhead pre-mounted. This enables easy mounting in equipment.

Conforms to the Safety Standards and Supports the Power Supply Voltages Used in Many Countries Around the World