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  • 28-05-2015

    DSC Series

    The new DSC Series design for high performance without adjust. Entry model of speed control motors, affordable and compact in size.

  • 13-05-2015

    EAS/EAC Series with AR Series Equipped

    The New Motorized Linear Slides and Motorized Cylinders

    New Standards for Motorized Linear Slides and Motorized Cylinders equipped with multi movement ability, performance regardless of operating conditions, compact while powerful and applicable to a Wide Variety of Applications.

  • 04-02-2015

    KII/KIIS Series

    KII/KIIS Series are now available with the performance and usability required

    for compact standard AC motors of the new generation. These products reflect our legendary

    advanced technology and the voices of countless customers. High-Strength gears stretch

    the limits of the motor, while highly efficient motors are designed specially for the new

    generation. In addition, prices are kept affordable with great usability for our customers. The

    KII and KIIS Series are setting a new benchmark for Standard AC Motors all over the world.

  • 22-12-2014

    AZ Series

    Equipped with ABZO a newly developed (Absorbing) sensor to the motor, to achieve the motion control that does not use an external sensor and shortening of homing time. Equipped with an interface that leads to a variety of higher-level system, and a built-in function of the pulse oscillator.

  • 30-09-2014

    BXII Series

    The BXII Series has the highest standard speed control motor. It provides the speed control, position control, torque limiting and other extended functions. High performance and ease of use at an affordable price.