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  • 09-12-2013

    BMU Series

    The new BMU Series design for easy speed control. This new brushless motor NexBL is a compact, high power, and high-efficiency motor.

  • 12-11-2013

    RKII - A highly reliable stepping motor that is too user-friendly to resist.

    The RK Series incorporates a high resolution stepping motor with an AC input. It improves the response and reduces vibrations at the same time, making the stepping motor easy to use. With the maximized performance, a new RKII Series lead the concept of “evolution” and “economy”.
  • 29-08-2013

    DG II Series: Built-in Controller Type, Pulse Input Type


    The New DG II Series

    Hollow Rotary Actuator

    In the DGII Series, an αSTEP AR Series stepping motor and driver package is used on a
    large diameter hollow rotary actuator. Functionality for easier control of the rotary actuator mechanism is provided along with
    better connectivity with switches, PLC, touch panels or FA networks.

    Oriental Motor has responded to customer feedback regarding conventional models to create a new actuator that is easier to use.

  • 16-04-2013

    Network Converter

    The network converter converts host communication protocol to Oriental Motor’s original RS-485 communication protocol.

  • 10-04-2013

    CRK Series (Built-In Controller Type) RS-485 Communications

    The 5 phase stepping motor and driver package CRK Series, designed for low vibration and low noise, now comes with a
    built-in controller function.

    The new CRK series can also be controlled from a host controller via RS-485 communication in addition to I/O control.
    Additionally, new encoder motors are now available that enables the monitoring of positioning information.