New Released Products
L Series AZ Equipped

Integrated rack and pinion mechanism and stepping motor. The battery-free ABZO sensor AZ series is installed, and high-precision multipoint positioning can be realized easily.


The rack and pinion system can easily convert the rotational motion of the motor into linear motion. The linear motion mechanism has a compact design but it can transport large loads due to its high-strength fabrication.

L Series AZ Equipped

Vertical Operation Can Handle a Max. Transportable Load of 100 kg and a Max. Stroke of 1000 mm

A variety of transportable mass and stroke are available to match your equipment.

Space Saving

The body is able to move automatically by fixing the screw holes on both ends of the rack. It is effective in large equipment in which motor space is limited.

● For more specific details of the L Series AZ Equipped, please refer to our Product Information web page.