New Released Products
KII Reversible Series

Equipped with a high-performance gearhead, the KII Series is dedicatedly designed for each voltage model, delivering higher efficiency and improved characteristics. The reversible motor is equipped with a simple brake of a new structure for reduced deterioration. The coated color has been changed to misty gray metallic.

Excellent Motor Performance

The motor has been dedicatedly designed for each voltage model for optimal characteristics. This reduces motor power consumption by up to 28 W as well as heat and vibrations.

High Permissible Torque/High Strength Gearhead

The gearhead is highly strong and has a long life (with 10,000 hours of rated life).

The strength of the permissible radial load and the permissible axial load is twice that of the conventional model.

Improved Usability

The large bore bearing used for this model extends the gearhead's rated life to 10,000 hours, which is twice that of the conventional model. This reduces the maintenance work for the device.

Best for Instantaneous Bi-Directional Operation

1)The motor can switch directions
2)To minimize overrun
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