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New Released Products
EAS/EAC Series with AZ Series Equipped
Products equipped with the AZ Series with built-in absolute sensor are added to the lineup of Motorized Linear Slides EAS Series and Motorized Cylinders EAC Series.

Motorized linear Slide EAS / Motorized cylinders EAC series (equipped αSTEP AZ series) new listing!
Equipped with Stepping Motor with Built-in Compact Battery-free ABZO Sensor Contributing to improvement in productivity and cutting cost.

Battery-free Features of AZ Series Equipped with Absolute Sensor

Oriental MOTOR has developed a compact, battery-free mechanical driven type absolute sensor (Patented), improving productivity and reducing costs.

Reduced Startup Time

Parameters necessary for the operation of the motorized linear slides and motorized cylinders are set in advance, require less time for startup.
・No calculation is required for setting the electronic gear for a different lead.
・The coordinate of the traveling direction does not require to set again regardless of the standard type/side-mounted type.

High speed driven even at different load

High-speed drive is possible from light loads to heavy loads even during inching operation.

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