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List of New Released Products


BLE2 Series

The new BLE2 series have added a high power 400 W motor and various gearhead which includes the Hypoid Right-angle Hollow Shaft JH gear. It can be used for wider purposes and some gearhead supports H1 Grease.


KII Reversible Motor

Equipped with a high-performance gearhead, the KII Series is dedicatedly designed for each voltage model, delivering higher efficiency and improved characteristics. The reversible motor is equipped with a simple brake of a new structure for reduced deterioration. The coated color has been changed to misty gray metallic.


BLV Series

Introducing the new high power with DC input BLV Series brushless motor and driver with output options of 200 W (1/4 HP) to 400 W (1/2 HP). Communication control through I/O or RS-485 is available to support a wide variety of applications.


KII/KIIS Series with Hypoid Right-Angle Hollow Shaft JH/JL Gearhead

KII Series with JL/JH gearhead
● Hypoid Right-Angle Shaft Gear
● High Performance Motor Installed
● High Strength Right-Angle Shaft Gearhead
● Space Saving
● Cost Saving
● Increased Assembling Flexibility