[Miss. Ori, Manager]
Will the airflow be doubled when two cooling fans are used?
[Mr. Vex, Staff]
Mr. Vex: Does airflow double if 2 fans are used?Miss Ori, i received a customer query related to cooling. A customer would like to add a fan to improve the cooling but doesn't not know how it will affect characteristics.
Miss Ori: What was your reply?
Mr. Vex: I thought 2 fans would double the airflow resulting in doubling the cooling effect.
Miss Ori: The airflow characteristics will be affected when two fans are installed , but the cooling effect is dependent on the state within the cooling chamber. Yes, the fan should overcome the pressure loss to ease airflow, right?
Mr. Vex: Correct. When air blown into the cooling chamber, the chamber interior gets congested and resistance increases causing reduction in airflow. In this case, a static pressure that can push (or pull) air in the cooling chamber becomes important . In other words, for achieving adequate cooling, select a dan that generates far more static pressure than pressure loss in the cooling chamber.
Miss. Ori: The following figure is the characteristics curve of a regular fan, for example for airflow required in Q1, pressure loss in the coding chamber is taken as P1. Then, in case of this fan, static pressure value of P2 is higher than the required static pressure of P1. Therefore, airflow is adequate.

For a wide space where pressure loss is low, method given in Fig.1 is applied to increase airflow. Method shown in fig.2 is applied to increase static pressure where cooling chamber is congested and pressure loss is high.
Mr. Vex: Understood! Will explain to the customer immediately. I will first introduce MRS series axial flow fans which have large airflow and high static pressure to give optimum cooling.