[Miss. Ori, Manager]
Tell me more about the inverter unit and the AC power input DC brushless motor
[Mr. Vex, Staff]
Mr. Vex: I am always asked by our customers "should the inverter unit or the brushless DC motor be used for speed control?" I am still confused which of these two is more suitable for speed control.
Miss Ori: Finally , it is essential to understand the individual features of the inverter and the brushless DC motor.
Mr. Vex:May i know the feature of the inverter speed control?
Miss Ori: The inverter is combined with a three-phase 230V AC motor, and controls with rotation speed by changing the power supply frequency. The power supply and a three-phase motor are sufficient for the connection, and speed control can be achieved easily.
Mr. Vex:Oh ! That's is so simple. But i heard that the inverter setup is complicated, so is it really difficult to use?
Miss. Ori: For example, when using conventional universal inverter units when the power supply voltage changes according to the change in supply frequency, the supplied voltage is set to low during low speed, hence torque cannot be generated at low speed.
Mr. Vex:Is that so? in that case, is it necessary to change the settings when the motor and inverter are used separately.
Miss. Ori: Yes, But if you use our company's inverter, it is very easy to operate since it has all the required features pre-set for the motor.
Mr. Vex: I see. in that case i would recommend the inverter unit for easy speed control.
Miss. Ori: No! No! Just a moment! Brushless DC motor can be better option to achieve speed control.. It is energy-saving and space-saving. In addition to that,stable torque can be achieved throughout the speed range. Hence, we need to introduce these features to our customers.
Mr. Vex:Energy-saving? Spacing-saving? Stable torques?
Miss. Ori:Ok , let's talk about space-saving. A rotor with a strong permanent magnet is used inside the motor.Hence, in addition to high power, space can be minimized due to compact-sized motor.
Mr. Vex:Really! The brushless DC motor is so compact and light-weight.
Miss. Ori: Yes. Therefore, it can contribute to downsizing of the device.
Mr. Vex:Is it so? But, if we talk about compact and size, wouldn't there be high heat generation?
Miss. Ori: No, brushless DC motor controls like power supply by utilizing only the necessary amount of current whenever required, so it saves energy with better efficiency.
Mr. Vex:I see, Moreover, stable torque can be maintained from low speed to high speed since speed fluctuations are minimal according to changes in load.
Miss. Ori:Yes. You had explained and also understood the advantages of using brushless DC motor.
Mr. Vex:Hmm, though both the inverter unit and brushless DC motor are good, i am still confused about what is recommend to the customer?
Miss. Ori:It is simple. It is best to recommend the one that is most suitable for the customer's application by considering the respective features.
Mr. Vex:I see. I will contact the customer immediately. Thanks you very much, Miss Ori.