[Miss. Ori, Manager]
What are the advantages of using the new GN-S gearhead?
[Mr. Vex, Staff]
Mr. Vex:Dear Miss Ori, i know this is very fundamental but i need to ask you about the overrun of motors.
It was a customer who took a look at the latest catalogue and is using the 4IK25GN-A motor. He asked about the difference between the gearhead 4GN25k (GN-K gearhead) he is using now and the 4GN255(GN-5 gearhead) shown in the catalogue with the marking "New".
Miss Ori: So how did you reply him?
Mr. Vex: First of all, i told him that it's rated lifespan is now 10000 hours, twice the 5000 hours of the conventional product(4GN25K), and therefore he can save on maintenance cost.
Miss Ori: Did you also explain properly why the lifespan is doubled?
Mr. Vex: Of course! I told him that by enlarging the bearings and hardening the gear, the strength is improved, resulting in a longer rated lifespan. Next, i explained about the low noise. By minimizing the error of the components of the gearhead which is linked to the cause of the noise, the assembly precision is improved and so it has quieter operation.

Miss. Ori: That's right! Anything else?
Mr. Vex: Finally, i told him that as GN-S gearhead conforms to ROHs directive which restricts the use of 6 chemicals such as lead and cadmium. It is an environmentally-friendly product.
Miss. Ori: I am impressed. Mr Vex! You were right on with the features of GN-S gearhead ! by the way, the gear head cannot be operated on it's own. Did you also explain about the motor? The GN-S gearhead shares the same mounting measurements and pinion shaft gear as the GN-K gearhead. So, the customer can also combine it's use with the 4IK25GN-A that he is currently using
Mr. Vex:I was focusing too much on the explanation on the features of the gearhead that i had forgotten to introduce the motor.
Miss. Ori: Then, maybe you can explain to him about the new world K series that is now available, where the motor also conforms to RoHS directive and the bearing's lifespan is doubled.
Mr. Vex:That's right! If he uses a gearhead with a long lifespan, it would be good if the motor he uses has a long lifespan too. I will let him know!