AC Servo Motors
Tuning-Free AC Servo Motor Unit

NX Series

An AC servo motor unit that is capable of high accuracy control with easy operation.
Smooth operation can be achieved in high inertia loads or belt drive applications without manual tuning.

Easy Operation

As with a stepping motor, stable operation can be achieved in high inertia drive and belt mechanism drive applications without gain adjustment.
Also, adjusting the gain manually enables operation under even more stringent load conditions.

Achieves High Inertia Drive

With automatic tuning, operation up to 50 times the rotor inertia is possible.
With manual tuning, operation up to 100 times the rotor inertia is possible.

Achieves Smooth Operation with Belt Mechanisms

Belt mechanisms can be operated with the same feel as a stepping motor.
Operation without the occurrence of phenomena such as vibration before stopping is possible.

Easy Handling

Basic settings and adjustments are made with switches and potentiometers on the front panel.
This design allows for easy control without a computer and even saves the hassle of complicated UP and DOWN key operations.

Easy Setting and Easy Monitoring

By using the separately sold control module (OPX-2A) or data setting software (MEXE02), it is possible to perform changing of parameters, function setting, and monitoring that is better suited to your system.

● Operating Status Waveform Monitoring*

* Monitoring the operating status waveform requires the data setting software (MEXE02), which is sold separately.

4 Control Modes

This servo unit can operate in 4 control modes.
Also, with the separately sold control module (OPX-2A) or data setting software (MEXE02), the functions of each control mode can be extended.

Degree of Protection IP65

These motors conform to IP65 and they are ideal for use in environments requiring dust resistance and water resistance to protect against cutting dust suspended in air, splashed water droplets, etc.
(Standard type, electromagnetic brake type, PS geared type: excluding installation surface and connector locations, PJ geared type: excluding connector locations)

Simple Connections with Included Cables

The NX Series comes with cables to connect the motor and driver. You can select from 1 m, 2 m, or 3 m cables. If you need cables longer than 3 m or cables offering superior flexibility, appropriate cables are available as accessories (sold separately).

Separate Main Power Supply and Control Power Supply

A control power supply terminal that is separate from the main power supply is provided.
Even when the main power supply is cut off in the case of, for example, an emergency stop, operations such as position detection and alarm contents checking can be performed if 24 VDC power is supplied to the control power supply terminal.
(Operation with only the main power supply is also possible.)

Conforms to Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International Standards "SEMI F47"

● Conforms to SEMI Standards regarding power supply voltage drop.
● Effective for use in semiconductor equipment. (Always evaluate the product with it mounted on actual equipment.)

Characteristics Comparison for Geared Motor

The motor and driver package comes in 4 geared motor frame sizes ranging from 60 to 104 mm.