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✽ The product comes with 2 m cables including a cable for motor, cable for encoder, and cable for electromagnetic brake. If you need cables longer than 3 m or cables offering excellent flexibility, select appropriate cables from the accessories (sold separately).
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●Production Information

Discontinued product in 31/Mar./2020

●Component Name

NXD75-S(Control Circuit)


Frame Size104mm
Shaft/Gear TypePJ Geared Type
Electromagnetic BrakeWithout
Included Cable2m
Rated Output Power750W
Motor Permissible Speed3000r/min
Permissible Torque19.1N・m
Maximum Torque57.3N・m
Permissible Speed Range0~300r/min
Rotor Inertia J0.941×10^-4J:kg・m^2
Gearhead Internal Inertia J0.888×10^-4J:kg・m^2
Permissible Load Inertia J4710×10^-4J:kg・m^2
Resolution (Motor Shaft)100 to 100000P/R
DetectorAbsolute Encoder 1 rotation 20 bits, multiple rotations 16 bits
Angular Transmission Error4min
Gear Ratio10
Power Supply Input Voltage, Frequency, AC Main Power SupplyThree-Phase 200-230 VAC −15 to +10% 50/60 Hz
Power Supply Input Voltage, DC Control Power Supply24 VDC -10~+10% 0.8 A
Power Supply Input Rated Input Current4.7A
CE Markingaffixed
Command MethodPulse, Analog Speed Command Voltage, Analog Torque Command Voltage
Maximum Input Pulse Frequency500 kHz (When the pulse duty is 50%) *1
Protective FunctionWhen the following protective functions are activated, an alarm output signal is output and the motor is stopped.
Overflow, Overcurrent Protection, Overheat Protection, Overvoltage Protection, Main Power Supply Error, Undervoltage, Motor Overheat Protection, Sensor Error during Operation, Encoder Communication Error, Overload, Overspeed, Position Range Error, Absolute Position Loss, Command Pulse Error, EEPROM Error, Sensor Error during Initialization, Rotor Rotation during Initialization, Encoder EEPROM Error,Motor Combination Error, ABS Not Supported, No Battery, Regeneration Unit Overheat, Electronic Gear Setting Error
Mass: Motor8.6kg
Mass: Control Circuit1.6kg
  • ●The gearhead internal inertia is the motor shaft converted value.
    ●The value for 50 times the rotor inertia.
    ●The resolution for the motor output shaft.
    ●These values are for operation in the continuous duty region. For operation in the limited duty region, the maximum current is approximately 3 times the value shown.
  • *1 Line driver output by programmable controller
    Open collector output by programmable controller: 250 kHz (When the pulse duty is 50%) The values when the separately-sold general-purpose cable (CC36D1-1) is used.


The link of Web2CAD site can be used for 3D CAD data downloading as well. For more details, please click here.

2D-CAD MotorC221.dxf
Control CircuitC224.dxf
3D-CAD MotorC221.step
Control CircuitC224.step
3D-CAD(web2CAD) Motorto web2CAD site
Control Circuitto web2CAD site
Catalogue NX SeriesNX Series_a_1.pdf
NX SeriesNX Series_a_2.pdf
Operating Manual Tuning-free AC servo motor unit NX Series Driver USER MANUALHM-40073E.pdf
Data Setter OPX-2A OPERATING MANUAL Before UseHM-40142E.pdf
Data Setter OPX-2A OPERATING MANUAL NXSeriesHM-40097E.pdf
Control Circuit
Characteristics Diagram
Speed – Torque
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Other specifications