Stepping Motors
Stepping Motor and Driver Packages αSTEP

ASC Series

The αSTEP utilizes Oriental Motor's unique closed loop control.

This is a motor and driver package product offering the user-friendliness of a stepping motor combined with improved response and reliability.


Incorporating Our Unique Closed Loop Control

For details, refer to "Overview of Stepping Motor and Driver Packages αSTEP"

High Response

The motor operates synchronously with pulse commands to achieve high response. There's no time lag in operation following a pulse command.


No Tuning

With the ASC Series, you can perform positioning quickly after a load change, etc., without adjusting any gains.


No Hunting

Because a stepping motor is used, no hunting occurs during stopping.
Accordingly, this series is ideal for applications where the equipment uses a belt-drive mechanism or otherwise has low rigidity and you don't want it to vibrate when stopping.