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Stepping Motor and Driver

5-Phase Stepping Motor and Driver

PKP / CVD Series

DC Power-Supply Input

Flexible choice of 2-Phase and 5-Phase Stepping Motors. Enhanced compatibility while utilizing both 2-Phase and 5-Phase characteristics. Most suitable motor selection according to intended use. 5-Phase Motor focus on higher torque and low vibration/noise in all speed regions

5-Phase Motor with higher torque and low vibration/noise in all speed regions

Flexibility of Choice: 2-Phase or 5-Phase

Evaluation can be flexible: 2-Phase →5-Phase and 5-Phase →2-Phase

The drivers of the 2-Phase and 5-Phase PKP / CVDSeries are similar in size, installation and I/O connector. This allows you to select 2-Phase or 5-Phase according to your requirement specifications. Both motors provide industry-top-class compactness and lightness.

Industry-top-class high-performance driver

Compact and lightweight driver contributing to space saving

Protection function that can early detect a problem with the driver

Smooth drive function for smooth operation

Operation current can be set with a digital switch

2-Phase Motor focus higher torque with low speed

With application of high currents, the 2-Phase and 5-Phase PKP / CVD Series have greatly increased in the excitation maximum holding torque in low speed regions and mainly in high speed regions, respectively. From a wide range of speeds and torques, you can select a motor suitable for your intended use

Built-In Controller Package

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