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AZ Series Multi Axis Drivers


Compatible with EtherCAT Drive Profile

The multi axis drivers can be connected to DC power supply motors of our AZ Series and to the motorized actuators equipped with motors. We provide the multi axis drivers that can support MECHATROLINK-III, or EtherCAT Drive Profile. No. of axes: 2, 3, or 4.



Multi axis driver (up to 4 axes) that reduces space and cost

AZ Multi Axis features

ESI File

We provide an ESI file to allow you to use EtherCAT-compatible products more easily. The ESI file can be downloaded from the Oriental Motor website. Contact OMRON Corporation for connection with the PLCs made by the company. An EtherCAT connection guide is available.

Applicable Product Series

The AZ Series multi axis driver DC power supply input can be used in combination with the motorized actuators listed below.
- Compact linear actuators DRS2 Series AZ Series equipped
- Hollow rotary actuators DG2 Series AZ Series equipped DC power supply input
- Motorized linear slides EAS Series AZ Series equipped DC power supply input
- Motorized cylinders EAC Series AZ Series equipped DC power supply input

● For the details of the motors and motorized actuators that can be combined, refer to the Oriental Motor website or the catalog of each Series.