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Motor: Installation Screws、Parallel Key
Driver: Without
Safety Standards
Product Type Product Name Product Leadtime Unit Price(SGD) Unit Price(USD)
MotorBLMR5100KM-50-F51 Working Days 719.00 575.00 
DriverBLVD-KRD3 Working Days 473.00 378.00 
Flexible Connection CableCCM010B1AAR11 Working Days 115.00 92.00 
Power supply cableLC03D06A3 Working Days 19.00 15.00 

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●Production Information

Product to be discontinued (Order deadline, 30/Jan/2026)

●Component Name



Frame Size90 mm
Shaft/Gear TypeParallel Shaft Gearhead
Gear Ratio50
Electromagnetic BrakeWith
Included CableFlexible Cable (1 m)
Rated Output Power100 W
Power Supply Input Rated Voltage24 - 48 VDC
Power Supply Input Rated Input Current2.6 A(48 V) - 5.1 A(24 V)
Power Supply Input Maximum Input Current10 A
Rated Torque (Motor Shaft)0.319 N·m
Rated Speed (Motor Shaft)3000 r/min
Speed Control Range0.02-80 r/min(Speed ratio 1:4000)*The factory setting value.
Permissible Torque13.7 N·m (0.02-60 r/min)
10.3 N·m (80 r/min)
Speed Regulation (Load)±0.01% or less: Conditions 0 to rated torque, rated speed, rated voltage, normal temperature
Speed Regulation (Voltage)±0.01% or less: Conditions Rated voltage 24 to 48Vdc, rated speed, no load, normal temperature
Speed Regulation (Temperature)±0.01% or less: Conditions Operating ambient temperature 0 to +40˚C, rated speed, no load, rated voltage
Electromagnetic Brake TypeActive when the power is off, automatically controlled by the driver
Electromagnetic Brake Static Friction Brake0.319 N·m
Mass: Motor3.0 kg(With Gearhead)
Mass: Control Circuit0.12 kg
Cable Drawing DirectionDrwawing on the Output Shaft Side
  • ・ Rotation Direction: Opposite direction to the motor
    ・ Power Supply Input Allowable Ooperating Voltage: 15-55 VDC
    ・ Resolution: 0.01°(1 Rotation = 36,000 Pulses)
    *The factory setting value.
    ・ Maximum Instantaneous Torque: 27.4 N·m
    ・ Permissible Inertia J (when acceleration/deceleration time is set): 57500×10^-4kg·m^2
    *This is the maximum permissible inertia when the acceleration/deceleration time is set to 0.1 second or longer. Adjust the acceleration/deceleration time so that the required torque, during acceleration/deceleration, does not exceed the instantaneous maximum torque.
    ・ Permissible Inertia J (Immediate Stop): 2500×10^-4kg·m^2
    *This applies even when the deceleration time is set to less than 0.1 sec.


The link of Web2CAD site can be used for 3D CAD data downloading as well. For more details, please click here.

2D-CAD Motor/GearheadA1811B_F.dxf
Control CircuitA1806.dxf
3D-CAD Motor/
3D-CAD(web2CAD) Motor/Gearheadto web2CAD site
Control Circuitto web2CAD site
Document UL Certification(Motor)UL_E208200X5A6006.pdf
UL Certification(Circuit)UL_E208200X4A6005.pdf
CE/UKCA Declaration of Conformity(Circuit)CE-9205.pdf
EDS File(CANopen)BLVD-KRD_CANopen_V100.eds
Operating Manual BLV Series R Type Installation and Connection EditionHP-5140E.pdf
Brushless Motor BLV Series R Type Driver CANopen Communication ProfileHP-5143E.pdf
BLV Series R Type OPERATING MANUAL Function EditionHP-5142E.pdf
  • ・ The support software BLST01 can be downloaded from the Orientalmotor website.