Cooling Fans
Cooling Modules

FM Series

The FM Series offers modular products combining an AC axial flow fan with peripheral equipment. Installation time of the FM Series to your equipment is short thus, work costs will decrease. Also, trouble caused by the ingress of dust and water droplets is eliminated which increases the coefficient of reliability of the equipment.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Maintenance is also very easy since the filter can be replaced from outside of the equipment.

Preventing Ingress of Dust and Water Droplets

The integrated structure consisting of a fan, filter and cover makes it easy to prevent the ingress of dust and water droplets into the enclosure.


Improvement of Equipment Reliability

When cooling your equipment, the entrance of dust or water droplets in the air brought in by cooling fans may cause problems. The FM Series utilizes a module structure and an inner filter to protect your equipment from trouble before it occurs so that equipment can achieve long life and high reliability.


RoHS Directive-Compliant

The FM Series conforms to the RoHS Directive that prohibits the use of six chemical substances including lead and cadmium.

Effective Cooling Method Using the FM Series

By combining the panels of the IP4X and IP43/55 as shown below, ingress of dust and water droplets into the enclosure can be prevented to achieve effective cooling.


● Air is suctioned in using the fans at the bottom, and exhausted from a vent hole at the top.
● The pressure inside the enclosure is raised, so that dust does not easily enter the enclosure through gaps other than the suction intake side (such as through gaps at case joints and around cable holes).


● Air is suctioned using the fans at the bottom, and exhausted from the fans at the top.
● This method is ideal for applications where components are densely mounted in the enclosure and the method in [1] does not provide effective cooling.