Cooling Fans
Axial Flow Fans AC Input

MU Series

Axial flow fans use a blade (propeller) to generate air flow in the direction of the axis of rotation. Capable of generating a large air flow, axial flow fans are suited for applications requiring ventilation and cooling where the entire space inside the device must be cooled.

Compact and slim body AC axial flow fans.

Wide Variety of Products

Axial flow fan products are available in a large number of sizes and voltage characteristics, from large air flow AC axial flow fans to extraordinarily compact DC axial flow fans.

Items in this series conform to the UL, CSA and EN Standards, as well as the Electrical Appliance and Marital Safety Law, and also have the CE Marking (Low Voltage Directive) affixed. (The conformity differs according to the product.)

Items in this series conform to the RoHS Directive that prohibits the use of six chemical substances including lead and cadmium.