Stored-Program Type Controllers

EMP400 Series

In addition to enhanced oscillation functions that only a motor manufacturer can provide, this series includes sequence functions that make programming sequential operations possible and I/O control functions.

Allowing the Input of 32 Sequence Programs

With the EMP400 Series, 32 different operation programs can be input. These can be freely selected and executed using external input signals. In addition to the 32 programs, sequence programs that are automatically executed when the power is turned on can be input (1 program). The program capacity allows up to 1000 steps in total to be input for all sequence programs.

Various Operating Patterns Can be Achieved

Repetitive Positioning

Simple operations such as repeating a positioning operation for a specified number of times and then performing a return-to-home operation can be immediately achieved.

Sensor Stopping

Using general purpose input, operation can be started from an arbitrary position and then deceleration stop can be activated when a sensor signal is detected.

Dual Axis Linear Interpolation Operation

Dual axis linear interpolation operation in which positioning of two axes is performed simultaneously is possible.

Multi-Speed Continuous Operation

Changing to a desired speed is possible during continuous operation.

Teaching Function

Using the accessory OP300 control module, adjustment of traveling amounts through teaching and monitoring of the current position is possible.

Dedicated Software is Unnecessary

Input of sequence programs can be performed with HyperTerminal that comes standard with Windows (except for Windows Vista), so dedicated software is unnecessary.

Jerk Limiting Control Function for Suppressing Vibration of the Motor

The "jerk limiting control function" lets you suppress vibration that otherwise occurs when the motor is being driven or stopped. For example, it is effective in situations such as when suppressing vibration from belt pulley driving.