Stored-Data Type Controllers


The PG1200 is a controller that can simply set 4 positioning
data with its front panel.

2 installation configurations are available: using DIN rails and
flush installation. As input specifications, both sink logic and
source logic are available.

Roles of Controllers

Operation System


A device that outputs pulse signals required for stepping motor operation etc., is called a "controller." A controller is equipped with various settings for controlling the motor and can also be connected with a higher-level programmable controller and sensors.

Easy Operation

Front Panel Interface Enables All Settings and Operation Checks

All operations including setting of various data can be performed using the four touch keys on the front panel. You can also check the status of each operation simply by checking the display on the front panel.


4 positioning data can be set.

Operation patterns such as the following can be set in 4 steps, No. 1 to No. 4.


4 Control Modes


Positioning Operation


Continuous Operation (SCAN operation)

In this operation, when the CW scan (or CCW scan) signal input is ON, operation starts. When the signal input is OFF, the operation performs deceleration stop. This is useful for moving the load manually to a desired position.


Other Features

Jerk Limiting Control Function for Suppressing Vibration of the Motor

The "jerk limiting control function" lets you suppress vibration that otherwise occurs when the motor is being driven or stopped. For example, it is effective in situations such as when suppressing vibration from belt pulley driving.


2 types of input/output specifications are available.

Either sink logic or source logic for the input/output specifications can be selected, whichever matches the equipment.