Robot Controllers

MRC01 Features

MRC01 Product Image
The MRC01 robot controller allows you to become a robot master in just 3 steps. It supports easy programming and control of in-house designed custom-built robots with 3 simple steps: “Initial Setup”, “Operation Programming” and “Operational Checking”.

Use the αSTEP AZ Series family of products to support your in-house design for improved performance and ease of use.

Easy Introduction of Custom-built Robot to Existing Systems

The connection between MRC01 and host system is controlled directly via EtherNet/IP™.

*EtherNet/IP™ is a trademark of ODVA.

Through MRC01, custom-built robots can be added easily without the need to make major changes to the control system from the existing equipment.

MRC01 & Host System

MRC01 can also be operated using an I/O connection (no host equipment needed).
The Control is achieved using RS-485 communication between the MRC01 and aSTEP AZ Series.

Easy Set-up for Beginners

In-house MRC studio programming software

✽ The MRC Studio software and EDS files can be downloaded from the Oriental Motor website.

MRC01 Studio Software

Click here to download MRC01 Studio

MRC01 Support Software

Watch the MRC01 video introduction here

Applicable Products

MRC01 is compatible to the following αSTEP AZ Series-equipped Linear & Rotary Actuators.

Compatible αSTEP AZ Series-equipped Actuators

EZS Series EAC Series DR/DRS2 Series
EZS Series EAC Series DR/DRS2 Series
Hollow Rotary Actuators Compact Linear Actuators Linear Actuators
EH Series DGII Series L Series
EH Series DGII Series L Series
Electric Gripper Hollow Rotatry Actuator Rack-and-Pinion System