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Article on in-house robots

Robots can be manufactured in-house.

Demand for robots has been increasing in recent years as factories seek to improve productivity and save labor through equipment automation. At the same time, however, commercially available industrial robots are large and difficult to install on production lines. Moreover, their high cost often poses an obstacle to their adoption.

As a result, companies often consider manufacturing robots in-house, but are unable to proceed due to the high hurdles involved in selecting components and the challenges of controlling the robots. It is against this backdrop that Oriental Motor released its aSTEP AZ Series of robot manufacturing motors and MRC01 controllers to simplify the production and control of robots. In addition, we offer a variety of services to facilitate the in-house production of robots. In-house robots can be designed to meet the exact needs of your factory's production lines, and are less expensive than commercially available robots.

-Reduce Deployment Costs and Maximize Cost-Effectiveness- Installable on Existing Production Lines -Compact Design for Limited Spaces- Intuitive Control, Easy Creation of Robots
-Achieve Labor Savings and Factory Automation with Facilitate Deployment-

-Reduce Deployment Costs and Maximize Cost-Effectiveness-

Generally, when companies consider introducing robots, they find that the cost can be as high as several thousand dollars. However, when a robot is manufactured using Oriental Motor products, it can often be produced for approximately SGD$10,000. This significantly reduces the cost of deploying robots.

For example, a 5-axis vertical articulated robot costs approximately SGD$10,000 to produce when using Oriental Motor products (motors, actuators, drivers, cables, controllers, and software)*1. In addition, robots can still be manufactured relatively inexpensively, even when using the parts of other companies*2.

*1 Calculated using our online store prices (Excluding tax)
*2 Arms, mounting plates, grippers for hands and other parts can cost several hundred dollars (excluding PLCs and electrical systems).

List of Parts

Axis / Type Product Name [Price(SGD)]


[Controller]  Controller MRC01 [SGD2,750]   
[Controller]  Communication cable  CC02FLT6 [SGD74]
[Axis 1] Motor  DGM130R-AZAK [SGD2,406]
[Axis 1] Driver AZD-KR2D [SGD468]
[Axis 1] Cable CCM030Z2ABF [SGD83]
[Axis 1] Power Supply Cable LCD06Z2AY [SGD20]

[Axis 2] Motor AZM66MK-HS100 (or equivalent)*1
[Axis 2] Driver AZD-KR2D [SGD468]
[Axis 2] Cable CCM030Z2ABF [SGD83]
[Axis 2] Power Supply Cable LCD06Z2AY [SGD20]

[Axis 3] Motor AZM46MK-HS100 (or equivalent)*2
[Axis 3] Driver AZD-KR2D [SGD468]
[Axis 3] Cable CCM030Z2ABF [SGD83]
[Axis 3] Power Supply Cable LCD06Z2AY [SGD20]

[Axis 4] Motor AZM24AK-HS100 (or equivalent)*3
[SGD 1,049]
[Axis 4] Driver AZD-KR2D [SGD468]
[Axis 4] Cable CCM030Z2ABF [SGD83]
[Axis 4] Power Supply Cable LCD06Z2AY [SGD20]

[Axis 5] Motor EH4-AZAKH [SGD908]
[Axis 5] Driver AZD-KR2D [SGD468]
[Axis 5] Cable CCM030Z2ABF [SGD83]
[Axis 5] Power Supply Cable LCD06Z2AY [SGD20]


*1: Actual equipment uses the AZM66MK in combination with Harmonic Drive System’s CSG-20-100-2UH-LW-SP-B.
*2: Actual equipment uses the AZM46MK in combination with Harmonic Drive System’s CSF-11-100-2UP-SP-C.
*3: Actual equipment uses the AZM24AK in combination with Harmonic Drive System’s CSF-8-100-2UP-SP-A.

Photo of a 5-axis vertical articulated demo robot

Photo of a 5-axis vertical articulated demo robot

Low-cost controller with cost-free software

The MRC01 robot controller provides the basic functions required to operate robots at a low cost. In addition, users can download the dedicated programming software MRC Studio free of charge. Users can create programs intuitively without special knowledge of ladder logic and other programming concepts.

Illustration of MRC01 and MRC Studio

Users can download a trial version of MRC Studio to check if the operability suits their needs. The software can be used without MRC01. Robot actions can be observed using a graphic monitor.

Illustration of MRC01 and MRC Studio