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SCARA Robots (Horizontally Articulated Robots)
Example of a Custom-Built Robot

Actual Equipment Example SCARA Robot

Overview Equipment Configuration Points Support from the Product Selection Stage to Equipment Design

Configuration Points for Each Axis SCARA Robot Controller

Controller (Robot Controller) Articulated Axis, End Effector

Robot Controller MRC01

Easily Introduce a Custom-Built Robot into an Existing System

Coordination between the MRC01 and host system is directly controlled via EtherNet/IP. It is easy to introduce a custom-built robot into an existing control system without making major changes to the equipment.
● EtherNet/IP is a trademark of ODVA.

Image of MRC01 Position

*1 The MRC01 can also be operated with an I/O connection (no host device).
*2 From the MRC01 to the AZ Series driver is controlled via RS-485 communication.

Easy Setup, Even for Beginners

The MRC01 can be easily set up from the initial settings to the operation program even without specialized knowledge of programming language, etc. Selecting the robot type and the initial settings for entering the mechanism information, etc. are easy using the wizard. The operation program also allows target commands to be added while moving the custom-built robot with teaching operations.
When our young equipment designers tried using it for the first time, they created a program using teaching in about 2 hours because multiple axes can be set with one command.
● The programming software MRC Studio and EDS files can be downloaded here.
Image of MRC Studio

Operations can be Checked via 3D Simulations Online

The custom-built robot’s operation program can be checked with a 3D simulator without actually driving the motor.
No host PLC needs to be connected to run simulations. Prevent the robot from moving in the opposite direction or being damaged by moving too far, before they happen.
● Cannot be used offline.
Image of MRC Studio Simulation

The End Effector Axis Can Also be Controlled

● Refer to the operating manual for details about each robot.
Compatible with the typical structures of industrial robots: vertical articulated robots, SCARA robots, and Cartesian robots.
The end effector can also be controlled with the MRC01, contributing to system space saving, reduced wiring, and lower costs.
Image of MRC Studio Simulation

Compatible with a Wide Variety of Products

Compatible with the AZ Series and the series’ equipped linear and rotary actuators. The full product line also allowed for robot design with a high degree of freedom according to the type of robot to be built.
AZ Series products

Compatible Products

Robot Controller MRC01

Robot Controller MRC01

This robot controller can easily introduce and control a custom-built robot in three steps: Initial settings, Operation programming, and Operation check. It can be connected to AZ Series motors and AZ Series equipped linear and rotary actuators.